Xbox Series X console wraps: Where to pre-order

Gamersadmin August 22, 2023

Gamers will soon have a unique accessory to conceal their Xbox Series X in. Microsoft has revealed a small lineup of Xbox Series X console wraps, designed to provide a more lively aesthetic to the obelisk-like console. The $44.99 wraps are currently available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store in either Arctic or Mineral camo options. Those are due to ship out by Nov. 10. A Starfield-themed console wrap is also available for pre-order for $49.99, and will be available sooner on Oct. 18.

Skins for the Xbox Series X have been available from third-party makers like Dbrand. Microsoft’s official option is different in that it isn’t meant to be permanent and it seems to be much easier to apply. Each of the wraps wrap around the console, with what Microsoft calls a “hook and loop” enclosure, keeping it in place around the Series X’s back. The wrap features cutouts on the front for the power button and disc access, while the back provides clearance for fans, cords and expansion cards. Microsoft has even cleverly included small standoffs on the bottom of each wrap to prevent it from blocking ventilation for the console.

While the color options are somewhat limited at launch, it’s still cool to see Microsoft offering an official option to customize its consoles, especially for anyone that misses the days of Xbox 360 faceplates. Oh, and sorry, Series S owners. This one’s only for the Series X.


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