Where to find Jemison Mercantile location in New Atlantis in Starfield

Gamersadmin September 8, 2023

Jemison Mercantile is one of the first shops you’ll hear name-dropped in Starfield, and it’ll be one of your most reliable selling spots during your playthrough. But while the New Atlantis ship services tech may tell you that it’s a great spot to buy and sell items, they don’t tell you exactly where to find it.

In this Starfield guide, we’ll help you find Jemison Mercantile and let you know what useful items it sells.

Where to find Jemison Mercantile

When you land in the New Atlantis spaceport (on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system), walk forward, go down the ramp, and through the glass awning.

Head up the ramp to your left and you’ll see a massive, helix-shaped fountain. Turn left again at the fountain and go straight up the stairs. At the top you’ll see two marquis: The Viewpoint Bar to your left and the Jemison Mercantile general store straight ahead.

Head inside and talk to Amoli Bava, who is usually just behind the counter, but sometimes likes to wander around in the shop.

What does Jemison Mercantile sell?

A picture of a digipick being sold in Jemison Mercantile

Chances are that your relationship to Jemison Mercantile will be more of a seller than a buyer, as the shop will buy pretty much everything you have to sell and usually has a deep pocket when it comes to credits. (We have seen some days where Amoli only has 5,000 Credits, however.)

There are quite a few things worth buying from Jemison Mercantile as well. Amoli sells the occasional weapon, suit, or helmet that might be good, but they also sell items that you desperately need and can be hard to come by out in the open world: med packs and Digipicks. Amoli stocks three or four each day, and if she runs out, you can do a quick run back to your ship and sleep for 24 hours (the same goes for if she runs out of Credits to buy your stuff).

Most notably, Jemison Mercantile also sells a boatload of important resources like tungsten, which you’ll need a ton of if you want to build up an awesome outpost on a resource-rich planet.


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