Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls update gets haunting reveal trailer

Gamersadmin August 31, 2023

Warframe has just gotten a brand-new reveal trailer for an upcoming major update titled: Whispers in the Walls. In it, players will explore a newfound zone, take on two new enemy factions, and wrap up some long-lasting plot threads.

Set on Deimos behind where Loid currently sells Nercramech parts, Tenno will be able to venture down into the bowels of the planetoid into a vast underground lab where shiny new loot, enemies, and mysteries can be found. Necramech enemies shamble through the halls, while deeper down, The Murmour slam the horror to the max with amalgamations of limbs that shamble towards you.

For braving said dangers, players will be able to grab themselves a brand-new grimoire weapon type from the labs, as well as a variety of other treasure in line with big updates in the past. A sizable expansion to the game, similar in size to the Angels of the Zariman and Duviri Paradox updates before.

In the live demo shown at Tennocon 2023, we see the first few minutes of the quest that’ll take players through the new zone for the first time. It’s a nice tease for what’s to come, without giving all the twists and turns away of course.

This of course isn’t the only bit of content coming to the MMORPG this year. While the Whispers in the Walls update is set to release this fall, a Halloween update is set to launch which will come with a new Warframe for players to collect. In addition, given that it’s the game’s 10th anniversary, a selection of exclusive rewards are on the way for players too. This includes brand new Heirloom cosmetics designed by one of the game’s original artists.

What do you think about the Whispers in the Walls gameplay demo? Will you be jumping in on update day? Let us know below!


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