Unlocking the Secrets of Exoprimal: Mastering Suit Unlocks and Power-Ups in the Cosmic Adventure

Gamersadmin July 19, 2023

Embarking on Your Exoprimal Journey: Understanding Suit Unlock Mechanics

Exosuits are basically your class Exoprimal. There are three main classes – assault, tank, and support – each with three or four choices of exoskeletons within those classes that all work differently. An easy comparison is to think of the suits as different heroes in a game like Monitoring 2. However, of the 10 exosuits in the game at launch, three will be locked if you don’t purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition. While you can pay to unlock them, there is a way to earn them all for free. Here’s how to unlock all of the exosuits Exoprimal.

An assortment of all oversuits with colorful backgrounds.

How to unlock each Exosuit

The three locked exosuits are Numbus, Murusame, and Vigilant. They all follow the same basic method of unlocking, but they will come one by one.

Step 1: He plays Exoprimal As usual in any mode and start earning player levels and BikCoins.

Step 2: After reaching player rank 20, you can buy support class Nimbus for 5000 BCOs.

Step 3: Reaching player rank 30 will unlock Murusame in the Assault class, again for 5,000 BiKCoins.

The fourth step: Make it to rank 40 and pay 5,000 BiKCoins for Vigilant, which will be your last Tank Suit.

Fifth step: If you want to skip the grinding, you can just go to the store and buy a Head Start kit for $15.


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