Unleashing Glory: The Top 5-Star Swords in Genshin Impact, Ranked

Gamersadmin July 25, 2023

“Mastering the Blade: Ranking the Top 5-Star Swords in Genshin Impact

One of the best ways to level up characters in Genshin Impact is to equip them with 5-star weapons. In the case of this article, swords. These weapons are usually designed specifically for a 5-star character. It fits them aesthetically and also serves as a repeater for them though, most of these weapons are generally excellent.

But if you are one of those gamers who no longer have the desire to catch new characters and want to focus on building their main characters, then this list is for you. Do note that this listing is made especially for the sword lovers out there. Check out our other guides if you’re looking for a specific type of weapon.


Aquila Vavunia (ATK 674 | 41.3% physical damage)

Aquila vavunia at the base and on the second ascent

negative: Grant 20-40% attacks. Taking damage causes equal HP regeneration 100-160% of ATK and deals 200-320% From the ATK to the surrounding opponents. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds

Notable users: Bennett, Jean, Kaya

Our list begins with Aquila Vavunia. with enormity 674 attacksNo one can fault this sword as a 5-star weapon. The passive also grants him bonus ATK, paired up Keep And AoE damage.

This weapon is already a great addition to everyone’s collection, but what’s keeping it from getting a higher spot on our list are its secondary stats. Sure, every sword character in the game can deal physical damage, but each of them is also not designed to work optimally with him. Overall, Genshin’s Aquila Favonia is an excellent 5-star sword, but his specialized secondary stat sends him to the sidelines in most cases.


Summit Chipper (ATK 608 | 49.6% attack)

Summit Shaper at the base and on the second climb

negative: Increases shield strength by 20-40%. Hits on opponents increase attack by 4-8%. BSD 5 stacks. 1 pile can be won every 0.03 seconds.

Notable users: Kaya, Chiki, Kishing (with Kirara)

This weapon is The ultimate stat stick for attack gauge characters. Passive Attack alone can provide a 40% increased Attack at refinement level 1. Unfortunately, it’s currently overshadowed by many attack improvement options in the game. Furthermore, forcing a shield character on your team to turn on the passive might also not be worth pulling out that 5-star sword for your team’s tournaments when playing Genshin.


Skyward Blade (ATK 608 | ER 55.1%)

Skyward Blade at the base and at the second climb

negative: Increases knockout rate by 4-8%. Casting elemental rush increases movement speed and attack speed by 10%. Normal and charge attacks also deal extra damage equal to 20-40% attacks. These improvements last for 12 seconds

Notable users: Bennett, Kaya, Xingqiu

On paper, this sword seems to have every buff every character needs. Being one of the first five-star swords in Genshin Impact, he tries to offer a little bit of everything, but it’s also the reason why he’s ranked seventh. This gun is in no way considered “bad”, if only because it does not excel at anything.

Probably the highlight of this is the Energy recharge. The current meta favors the power recharge stat now that players realize how important it is to always be out of the cooldown.


Khaj Nesut key (ATK 542 | HP 66.2%)

Khaj Nesut key is at the base and on the second ascent

negative: Increase health points by 20%. When an Elemental Skill hits opponents, the equipped character gains a Grand Hymn effect, which increases Elemental Mastery by an amount 0.12-0.24% of their Max HP. This effect can be triggered once every 0.03 seconds. Once a 3-stack is crowned or when the third stack is updated, the Item Mastery of all members of the stack will be increased by 0.02 – 0.4% Equip character’s maximum health for 20 seconds

Notable users: Nilo, Kouki Shinobu, Laila, Kirara

This is the only option players currently have to obtain Sword% HP. Its users may be limited, but it undoubtedly does its job well. With Fontaine looking to be an HP-scaling character area, this weapon will definitely move up the ranks in the upcoming updates.

But speaking of the current meta, its unknowns also have their own polishing importance initial reactionsEspecially Dendrorelated to. A solid boost to an already powerful item is something every gamer can benefit from.


Freedom Sworn (ATK 608 | EM 198)

Sword of Liberty at the base and at the second ascent

negative: Increases damage by 10-20%. When a Gunslinger triggers an elemental reaction, they gain the Sigil of Rebellion mark. It can be triggered once every 0.05 seconds even when the character is out of the field. When 2 sigils are gained, they are both consumed, and all party members gain 16-32% Increased normal, charge and dunk attack damage. Attack is also increased by 20-40%. No Sigil of Rebellion will be gained in the 20 seconds after the buff is triggered for the first time.

Notable users: Kazuha, Kuki Shinobu, Keqing

enter the sword Millennium Movement Series Exclusive to Genshin, this passive 5-star weapon focuses on giving Team level amateurs similar to its counterparts.

Players will generally see this weapon used by support characters such as Kazuha and Kuki Shinobu, but the rise of Intensify Elemental Reaction also means that Keqing can benefit greatly from both the stats and passives that this weapon provides. All in all, a weapon that’s great considering the power it gives, isn’t limited to the gunslinger.


Mild foliar incision (ATK 542 | CD 88.2%)

Leafy notch light at base and at second ascent

negative: Kill rate increased by 4-8%. Gains the Leaf Rift effect when normal attacks deal damage, increasing the damage dealt by normal attacks and basic skills by 120-240% Master the elements. This damage increase will disappear after 28 DMG instances or 12. This effect can be gained once every 12 seconds

Notable users: Al Haytham, Kking, Casa (DPS)

A cool statistic stick considering it contains Highest critical damage The origin of any swords in Al-Janshin. Unfortunately, it is hampered by its somewhat specialized negativity, which can only be used to its fullest extent by its privileged owner – Al Haytham.

The attack on this weapon is also on the lower side, which means that characters will benefit less from the attack buffs they normally get from artifacts and party members.


Haran Geppaku Futsu (ATK 608 | CR 33.1%)

Haran Geppaku Futsu at the base and on the second climb

negative: earn 12-24% DMG bonus for all items. When other party members use Basic Skills, the Gunslinger will get one Wavespike Pack. Maximum of 2 stacks. 1 pile can be won every 0.03 seconds. Stacks are consumed when the player casts the basic skill, which will increase normal attack damage by 20-40% for each pile they have. This effect lasts for 8 seconds.

Notable users: ayato, ayaka, kiching

In third place is Ayato’s signature five-star sword. All this weapon does is increase direct damage to your characters. The passive can also be played easily while moving between your team’s courses.

However, not many characters can greatly benefit from the augmentation Ordinary attack. Units like xingqiu And Kaya Preferably used in a file Quick swap methodwhich means that they will not be able to use their normal attacks and eventually lose to the passive.


Mistplitter Reforged (ATK 674 | CD 44.1%)

Mistplitter Reforged at the base and on the second ascent

negative: earn 12-24% Bonus items DMG for all items. The player also gains a Mistplitter Emblem stack under the following conditions: a normal attack deals elemental damage (lasting 5 seconds), casts an elemental blast (lasting 10 seconds), and the power is below 100% (the stack disappears when the energy is full). in 1/2/3 Mistsplitter logo stacks, personal gain 8/16/28-16/32/56% DMG element bonus for the element corresponding to it.

Notable users: Ayaka, Keqing, Ayato, Xingqiu

Strong competitor and close second place. Any player looking for a DPS boost will never go wrong with this weapon. Unlike the other weapons on this list, this one grants a large amount of energy DMG elemental bonusa stat that players normally only get from artifact scrolls.

What makes this special is the fact that it is damage accounts In Genshin Impact in fact In favor of DMG bonuses more than ATK bonuses. This means that players can get more benefits from stacking DMG bonuses, provided they already have a decent attack, not the other way around. Not to mention that there is a wide range of options in the game when it comes to boosting a character’s attack.


Primordial Jade Cutter (ATK 542 | CR 44.1%)

Primordial jade cutter at the base and at the second ascent

negative: HP increased by 20-40%. It also provides ATK equals 1.2-2.4% of Max HP working in welding

Notable users: Traveler, Keqing, Ayato, Al-Heathham, Xingqiu

It is considered by most players to be “the most versatile weapon”; be it In the DPS field or letters Sub-DPS like xingqiu And Kaya– Any character that equips this weapon is sure to get particle DPS increase.

packages a Huge knockout rate stats Which makes character building easier. Players will almost certainly get a 1:2 knockout ratio when using this weapon. Next, it also means less time is spent on pain Grinding artifacts. That factor alone makes it the Best 5-star sword in Genshin Impact.

While players hesitate to want weapon banners, most would still agree that this weapon is worth 240 wishes, especially when paired with other decent 5-star weapons and characters.


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