Unbelievable Deal Alert: Jaw-Dropping Price for HP PC with RTX 3070 Ti!

Gamersadmin July 7, 2023

“Experience Unmatched Performance and Value with the HP PC featuring the Powerhouse RTX 3070 Ti at an Unbelievably Affordable Price!”

HP Envy desktop sitting on a desk.

HP may not be a company you normally associate with build-in desktop PCs, but in the past few years, they’ve done a great job with their Pavilion and OMEN gaming PCs. As strange as it may sound to say, HP has now also added HP Envy desktop PCs to its impressive gaming PC lineup, and there’s a really big discount right now: You can get an HP Envy with an RTX 3070 Ti for 1, $280, down from the usual $1,900.

Why should you buy the HP Envy Desktop PC

What’s most impressive about the HP Envy isn’t the price but the fact that it’s running an RTX 3070 Ti under the hood, which is a relatively powerful GPU that will run most AAAs with high graphics settings. It won’t do as great at 4k compared to something like the RTX 4090, but if you’re on RTX DLSS you can probably get 4k with a higher frame rate. This means you have your choice of screen deals whether you want higher framerates or higher resolutions, although with the RTX 3070Ti we’d suggest aiming for a 2k screen to get the most out of your GPU. Along with the great GPU, you also get an Intel Core i7-12700 processor, which is more than enough for most people, whether you want to play strategy games, do productivity work, or even do some side-streaming.

While 16GB of DDR4 isn’t the latest, it’s still great for most consumers, and you can totally upgrade it yourself if you feel you need more, especially since you have two free memory slots to work with. Storage is also very good, as your primary storage is a 512GB SSD and your secondary storage is a 1TB HDD, so you have plenty of room for games. HP also introduced Wi-Fi 6 for a stable connection while gaming; Although it is not necessary since people tend to connect their desktop machines using network cables, it is still appreciated. HP is also destined to bundle a mouse and keyboard, but you’d better use the right gaming keyboards and gaming mice.

Overall, the HP Envy PC has a lot of great features, and while its regular price is a bit high, HP’s deep discount that brought it down to $1,280 makes it one of the best gaming PC deals happening today.


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