These Starfield ships are ugly but nearly unbeatable

Gamersadmin September 8, 2023

Too often in Starfield, the hum of my ship’s engine is drowned out by a sudden flash of explosion. With a crack, my ship falls apart like a Lego toy. This is entirely my fault for a singular reason: I’m a terrible pilot. My shields may have been made of paper. In searching for tips to improve my flying, I found a solution that doesn’t require me getting good — simply create a ship that’s basically unbeatable due to its monstrous design.

Starfield players are sharing their ship designs on Reddit and other social media platforms, using the game’s robust shipbuilding tools to great success. Largely, this is showing off their sick designs, but two Redditors in particular have created these incredible, totally ugly ships that trick enemy ships so that they’re unable to actually target the structure.

Solace_of_the_Thorns posted the ship, called the Fat L or L-Wing, and called it “effectively immune” to enemy damage due to its asymmetrical L shape. “While puttering around space and fighting some pirates, I started questioning enemy AIm,” they wrote. “How do NPC ships target the player? Do they lead the player? Do they aim right at them? Where do they aim? Wouldn’t it be funny if they aimed at center-mass?”

Turns out, they do. They first created a hollow rectangle, but upgraded to the Fat L. There’s some theory involved:

So – your ship has a “midpoint”. This is calculated by taking the distance the furthest two points on the X, Y and Z axis, and finding where they intersect. For most ships, this will be approximately the middle of the ship – but if you create an asymmetrical abomination like the above, it’s not. The Fat L has a midpoint that’s above and to the left of the ship. The Fat L has an offset midpoint that is actually not within the ship, but in space.

When enemies are targeting a ship, they target the midpoint. Because the Fat L’s midpoint is in space, the missiles will just zip right past. The ship can still get hit by stray shots, but anything targeted head-on won’t. “Basically it’s a stupid-as-fuck and crazy-effective,” Solace_of_the_Thorns said.

The only real problem is that it just looks awful. But probably worth it! Solace_of_the_Thorns posted a clip of it in action, where you can see the main ship piled high with HABS, which are Starfield’s habitat modules like living areas. From the side, there’s a super thin, long arm structure to make it L-shaped.

The second unbeatable abomination of a ship that maxes out the ship builder’s length, width, and height restrictions to create a structure that’s basically just the outline of a square. Think the concept of the L-shape, but an actual pain in the ass to navigate through. Created by Reddit user Morfalath, the square ship is basically a whole bunch of square rooms endlessly put together to create the structure. Somewhere in there, there’s a cockpit, engines, and landing bay. Looking for these ship essentials is also like a game of I-Spy. It’s a beautiful terror.


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