There’s at least one more Diablo 4 patch before Season 2

Gamersadmin September 4, 2023

Blizzard revealed the next Diablo 4 season a little earlier than we might have expected. At Gamescom Opening Night Live, the studio not only unveiled the name, Season of Blood, it also confirmed Season 2 will kick off October 17.

While you may think that indicates Blizzard is done making changes to the game until the big pre-season patch, that’s not actually the case. Patch 1.1.4 is currently in the works, and it’s going to be released before the start of Season 2.

Diablo community lead, Adam Fletcher, confirmed this on Twitter, though he did not say what we can expect from 1.1.4. More details about Season 2 are coming soon, as well, which is good to hear, considering things have sort of plateaued for Diablo 4 right now.

Diablo 4’s most recent update, version 1.1.3, came out a week ago. The patch nerfed several crowd control effects, reducing the instances of players being unable to act as monsters continued to stack CC effects on top of each other.

The patch was well-received, particularly as the issue of excessive crowd control effects has been in constant discussion since the game’s launch.

If you’re behind on your Season 1 battle pass, you can still claim four free tiers if you’re a Prime Gaming member. The 25% extra Gold and XP event also remains online, so you should definitely take advantage of that if you’re struggling to level up your main (or want to speed up the process of levelling up alts).


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