The Best Starfield Mods So Far

Gamersadmin September 9, 2023

The excitement is palpable in the gaming community as Bethesda’s Starfield, the highly anticipated spacefaring RPG, draws closer to its release date. But for modders, the anticipation extends beyond the base game. With the tradition of extensive modding support in Bethesda’s titles, players are eagerly awaiting the galaxy of mods that will undoubtedly enhance and expand the Starfield experience. In this article, we take a sneak peek at some of the best Starfield mods created by the community so far, offering a glimpse of the exciting possibilities awaiting players when the game launches.

**1. Starship Customization: One of the most promising early mods for Starfield allows players to customize their starships. While the base game will surely offer an array of spacecraft, modders have already started to experiment with different ship designs, interior layouts, and even unique features. Expect to see a multitude of custom ships to fit various playstyles and aesthetics.

**2. Enhanced Visuals: Modders have been working to improve the game’s graphics and overall visual experience. From high-resolution texture packs to improved lighting effects and environmental enhancements, these mods aim to make the vast expanse of space in Starfield even more breathtaking.

**3. New Planets and Star Systems: A significant allure of Starfield is the prospect of exploring diverse celestial bodies. Modders are already hard at work creating new planets, moons, and star systems for players to discover. These mods promise to expand the game’s universe exponentially.

**4. Faction Overhauls: Starfield is expected to feature various factions and organizations, each with its unique storylines and quests. Modders are planning to overhaul and expand these factions, offering deeper narratives and additional gameplay options for players who want to immerse themselves further in the game’s lore.

**5. Companion and NPC Overhauls: Mods that enhance companion interactions, character appearances, and AI behavior are anticipated to be a staple in the Starfield modding community. Expect mods that introduce unique companions, improve NPC diversity, and enhance the overall depth of the game’s characters.

**6. Gameplay Tweaks: As with any Bethesda title, players can expect mods that tweak gameplay mechanics, from adjusting difficulty levels to introducing new gameplay features. These mods will allow players to tailor their Starfield experience to their preferences.

**7. Quality of Life Improvements: Bethesda’s games are known for their extensive modding communities, which often create mods that address quality of life issues. Expect mods that improve inventory management, streamline crafting, and add convenience features to make your journey through the cosmos more enjoyable.

**8. Narrative Expansions: Starfield is expected to have an intricate storyline, but modders will undoubtedly add their narratives and quests. These mods will provide players with additional adventures, extending their journey through the game’s universe.


The modding community’s creativity knows no bounds, and the potential for Starfield mods is boundless. While the game itself promises an expansive and captivating adventure, the contributions of modders will elevate it to new heights. As the release date for Starfield approaches, players can look forward to an array of mods that will enhance, expand, and redefine their experience in the vastness of space.

Keep an eye on modding forums, websites, and the Bethesda modding community as Starfield’s release draws nearer. The best is yet to come, and the cosmos of Starfield is set to become a canvas for players and modders alike to create their unique adventures in the final frontier.

Starfield has only been out in early access for a week at the time of writing, but that hasn’t stopped the modding community from already diving into the game and improving it in a myriad of ways. While we’ll likely have to wait for the big mods, such as added land vehicles and planets that house all of Skyrim on them, there are a ton of excellent modifications out right now that if you have the ability to, you’ll want to install them immediately.


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