The Best Games Ever Show: Episode 59 – Unveiling the Greatest Game with the Most Unfortunate Gimmick

Gamersadmin July 7, 2023

“Exploring the Paradox: Unraveling the Brilliance Behind a Game’s Flawed Hook”

Welcome to The Best Games Ever Show Episode 59: The Best Game with the Worst Gimmick.

There are a lot of bad games with bad tricks. Tony Hawk: Ride, for example, which was built around a terrible skateboard-shaped peripheral and was basically a terrible game as a result. Or Crime Boss: Rockay City, a haunting underworld heist that boasts “Vanilla Ice in this” is its entire USP. Then, of course, there’s the Kinect library. The entire Kinect library.

But still, look, just because something has a bad gimmick doesn’t mean it isn’t great otherwise. Wade Barrett has been saddled with the Bad News Barrett gimmick for the ages, but he was talented enough to somehow make it work. Alfred Hitchcock had a gimmick of always giving himself cameos in his films, depriving legitimate actors of cameo appearances.

But what about video games? What great video games are full of trash tricks, and what are the best video games? To find out what our esteemed team thinks, you’ll have to watch or listen here. here!

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You can also simply read the synopsis below, if you’re the type to skip the last page of the book (wrong, rotten, bad seed).


best game pass games football manager 22

Tom chose Football manager Because he doesn’t like to be normal.


Nioh 2 monkey monster

Sheriff chose Nioh 2 Because he doesn’t like the loot system.


Tony Hawks Underground Screenshot1

James chose Tony Hawk Underground Because he doesn’t like his face.

“What are the best games ever shown?” You ask? Well, it’s a 30-minute panel show where people (Jim Trinca and his colleagues) decide the best game in a given category. That’s it. it is good. listen to this.


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