Street Fighter 6’s Newest DLC Character: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Battle Arena

Gamersadmin July 7, 2023

“Introducing [New DLC Character’s Name]: A Dynamic Addition to Street Fighter 6’s Iconic Roster”

Rashid – Street Fighter 6’s first DLC character – is coming to the game July 24th.

A fan favorite from Street Fighter 4, Rashid is a devastating dashing character capable of jumping high and tackling challenging aerial settings using his win-based combo. He can also throw tornadoes at you, which is awesome! Rashid is also the series’ first Middle Eastern character, so it’s exciting to see him return.

His reveal comes with a new trailer showcasing his moveset. We see a lot of his old move list return, as well as some really despicable combos. With the character dropping right before Evo, you can be sure that people will grind on him and explore as much potential as possible.

Here’s another thing – what a glow! Not only does Rashid look stunning in Street Fighter 6, he’s older, his excellent beard slicked back, and better than ever. It’s also nice to see that stupid eyebrow is gone. Plus, he has in my opinion one of the best taunts in the game judging from his trailer, quickly pulling off push-ups and spins that highlight his energetic personality.

It’s an interesting move to make it live! Bandai Namco has done this before with Julia in Tekken 7, it’s a popular way to update old characters’ backstory. Rashid with his over-the-top attitude towards combat fits the role perfectly, and it’s great to see him play on the third level of his critical art as well.

Rashid has honestly given me hope that the remaining characters will return with the Street Fighter 6 Season 1 DLC pass. He got such good treatment here, and put any concerns with Akuma and Ed to rest. Rest a piece to Rashidooo from his old track though – maybe they’ll bring him back some other way.

If you’re excited for Rashid, you can get your hands on the new Street Fighter 6 battle pass that will launch alongside him. If you’re looking for more Street Fighter 6 content, check out our article: Are Street Fighter 6 Players Too Happy? The debate continues.


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