Streamlining the Diablo Experience: Diablo 4 Relocates Gems to the Materials Tab

Gamersadmin June 24, 2023

In a move that has thrilled the Diablo community, Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced a significant change for Diablo 4: gems will be moving to the materials tab. This decision comes as a response to player feedback and demonstrates Blizzard’s commitment to improving the gaming experience for its devoted fan base. With Diablo 4 poised to be the next installment in the beloved action role-playing franchise, this change has generated excitement and anticipation among players worldwide.

A Shift in Gem Functionality

Traditionally, gems in the Diablo series have occupied their own separate inventory space, often leading to frustration for players who found themselves constantly managing gem storage. However, the decision to relocate gems to the materials tab is a game-changer. Gems will now be treated as crafting materials rather than items, streamlining the inventory system and allowing players to focus on the core gameplay experience.

Improved Inventory Management

One of the most significant benefits of this change is the enhanced inventory management it offers. Previously, gems took up valuable space in players’ inventories, forcing them to make difficult choices between carrying necessary equipment, items, and gems. By moving gems to the materials tab, Diablo 4 will provide players with much-needed relief from inventory clutter, allowing them to focus on looting and battling enemies without constantly worrying about space constraints.

Simplified Crafting Process

Another advantage of relocating gems to the materials tab is the simplification of the crafting process. In previous Diablo games, crafting with gems often required players to navigate multiple menus and interfaces. This new change eliminates that complexity by integrating gem usage directly into the crafting system. Players will no longer need to search through their inventory to find the required gems. Instead, they can access them conveniently within the materials tab, making crafting smoother and more intuitive.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

The decision to move gems to the materials tab aligns with Blizzard’s aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience in Diablo 4. By removing the hassle of managing gems as individual items, players can devote more time to exploring the game world, engaging in intense combat, and discovering rare loot. The streamlined inventory system allows for a more immersive and enjoyable experience, letting players focus on the core aspects of the game without unnecessary distractions.

Community Engagement and Feedback

The relocation of gems to the materials tab is a testament to Blizzard’s commitment to listening to its player base. The Diablo community has been vocal about the desire for improved inventory management, and Blizzard has responded by implementing this change in Diablo 4. This move demonstrates the importance of player feedback in shaping the future of the game and highlights Blizzard’s dedication to creating a title that resonates with its audience.


In addition to the relocation of gems to the materials tab, Blizzard Entertainment has also introduced some notable changes and improvements to further enrich the Diablo 4 experience.

Revamped Gem System

Not only have gems found a new home in the materials tab, but the gem system itself has also undergone significant revamping. In Diablo 4, gems will no longer have levels, which means players will no longer need to constantly upgrade gems to keep up with their character’s progress. Instead, gems will provide unique effects and bonuses, encouraging players to experiment with different combinations to suit their playstyle. This change adds depth and customization to character development, allowing players to focus on their preferred build rather than constantly chasing gem upgrades.

Crafting Versatility

With the introduction of the materials tab and the integration of gems into the crafting system, players will have greater versatility when it comes to crafting and enhancing their gear. The revamped gem system allows for more strategic decision-making in terms of which gems to use and how they can synergize with other equipment attributes. Whether it’s socketing offensive gems for increased damage or defensive gems for enhanced survivability, players will have more options to tailor their gear to their desired playstyle.

Enhanced Social Features

Blizzard has also emphasized the importance of social interaction and cooperative gameplay in Diablo 4. The game will feature a shared open world where players can encounter each other, team up, and tackle challenging content together. The inclusion of group-based activities and events encourages cooperation, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among players. This focus on social features ensures that Diablo 4 will be an engaging multiplayer experience that encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Continued Commitment to Post-Launch Support

Blizzard Entertainment has reiterated its commitment to providing ongoing support and updates for Diablo 4 post-launch. The relocation of gems to the materials tab is just one of the many changes and improvements players can expect to see as the game evolves. The development team has expressed its intention to actively listen to player feedback and make adjustments based on community input. This dedication to post-launch support ensures that Diablo 4 will continue to evolve and improve over time, offering an ever-growing and engaging experience for players.


The decision to relocate gems to the materials tab in Diablo 4 marks a significant step forward in enhancing the gameplay experience and addressing player feedback. By streamlining inventory management, simplifying the crafting process, and revamping the gem system, Blizzard Entertainment has shown its dedication to delivering a more immersive and enjoyable Diablo experience. With the inclusion of enhanced social features and a commitment to post-launch support, Diablo 4 is poised to become a game that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its passionate fan base. As the release date draws nearer, the excitement and anticipation for Diablo 4 continue to grow, promising an epic adventure in the dark and dangerous world of Sanctuary.


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