Starfield will feature a New Game+ mode with an exciting and unique twist

Gamersadmin August 31, 2023

Looks like Starfield will feature a New Game+ mode, which is not typical of a Bethesda Game Studios RPG.

According to a GQ interview with Bethesda boss Todd Howard, the game will feature a “unique and exciting twist” on the mode, providing players with a reason to replay the game.

A live-action trailer for Starfield.

If they ever finish it. I know I have yet to finish any Elder Scrolls game because I am too busy doing this, that, and the other – and I like trying out new mods. However, unlike myself, many people have finished a Bethesda RPG, so, hopefully, NG+ will give them a reason to jump back into their starship and explore the galaxy again.

What New Game+ will constitute in terms of gameplay remains to be seen. Will we be able to keep our stuff and experience? Will it contain additional features not available in the first playthrough? Will our actions in the game affect New Game+ content? Who knows at this point, but it sounds as though it will at least feature something a bit out of the norm.

The GQ article didn’t mention whether NG+ will be made available at launch or down the road.

Starfield is out September 6 on PC, Game Pass, and Xbox Series X/S.


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