Starfield: where to pre-order, and info on collector’s edition

Gamersadmin August 31, 2023

Starfield is here today — that is, if you bought the premium edition, or the premium upgrade edition on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. For everyone else, you’ll be able to play on Sept. 6.

In case you didn’t know, come Sept. 6, you’ll be able to play Starfield with a subscription to Game Pass or PC Game Pass. But if you want to purchase a copy for Xbox Series X, you’ll get you a bunch of in-game cosmetics and other items — only some of which are included with the Game Pass version. Some retailers are offering exclusive pre-order bonuses, like a Steelbook case and other premium goodies, when you reserve a copy ahead of launch day.

We’ve assembled all of the info you need to know, whether you want the standard version of the game, the premium edition, or the $299.99 collector’s edition.

Starfield Standard Edition

The $69.99 Standard Edition of the game is a bit light in terms of extras, but pre-ordering the game nets you the Old Mars Skin Pack, which includes:

  • Deep Mining helmet and pack
  • Laser Cutter weapon

Buying the game for Windows PC via Steam through Fanatical with the offer code FANATICAL17 used at checkout will knock 17% off the total.

Starfield Premium Edition

Image: Bethesda

Opting for the $99.99 Premium Edition gets you all the digital goods included with Standard Edition pre-orders, but you’ll also get some additional items:

  • 5 days of early access starting Sept. 1
  • access to Starfield: Shattered Space, the game’s first story expansion
  • Constellation Skin Pack (containing Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, and Boost Pack)
  • digital soundtrack and art book

Buying the game through Fanatical with the offer code FANATICAL17 used at checkout will knock 17% off the total.

If you’re playing the game via Game Pass, you can opt to buy the Starfield Premium Upgrade at GameStop and Best Buy for more content, as well as early access. For $34.99, you’ll get the following:

  • a SteelBook case
  • a Constellation patch
  • Starfield: Shattered Space
  • 5 days of early access starting Sept. 1
  • Constellation Skin Pack
  • Digital soundtrack and art book

Game Pass subscribers can save 10% off the purchase price by buying the Premium Edition Upgrade through the Microsoft Store.

Starfield Constellation Edition

An image showing what’s included with Starfield Constellation Edition, including a watch case, watch, steelbook case, and a constellation patch.

Image: Bethesda

I personally would’ve called the $299.99 Collector’s Edition of Starfield the “Red Dwarf Edition,” but that’s just me. Pre-ordering Starfield’s Constellation Edition will get you all the cool digital stuff, plus a lot more. It entitles you to a one-way trip off our doomed planet (just kidding). While you’ll have to remain trapped on terra firma with the rest of us, you’ll also be the proud owner of the following:

  • a Steelbook case
  • the game as a digital code (no option for a disc with the CE)
  • Starfield Chronomark Watch
  • Watch Case
  • Constellation Patch

The Constellation edition was originally available through GameStop and Best Buy but is currently sold out.

Update (Aug. 31): Starfield is here for people who pre-ordered the premium edition, or the premium upgrade edition.


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