Starfield ‘Tapping the Grid’ quest walkthrough and steps

Gamersadmin September 8, 2023

Tapping the Grid is an early Starfield side quest you can stumble on in The Well underneath New Atlantis. While it’s theoretically straightforward, the lack of a clear map makes finding your objectives — locating a series of junction boxes — rather difficult. Finishing this side quest early is worth the trouble, though. You get 75 XP and unlock another quest you can complete immediately afterward. Here’s where to find all the junction boxes to complete “Tapping the Grid” in Starfield.

‘Tapping The Grid’ Junction Box 1 Location

Louisa directs you to Antonio’s shop for the first panel, which is near the elevator that takes you to Terrabrew. From where you’re talking to Louisa, turn around, and run in a straight line until you reach the New Atlantis info terminal. Turn left, and you’ll see the panel in front of you.

The quest was bugged the first time I completed it. If Louisa doesn’t comment when you approach the box, reload the game, and try again.

‘Tapping The Grid’ Junction Box 2 Location

A junction box sits on a banister in Tapping the Grid mission in Starfield.

The second one is on a floor above Jake’s, a dive bar near where you first met Louisa. Pass Jake’s, turn left, and go up the stairs. Ignore the sealed door in front of you, and turn right, where you’ll see another sealed door at the end of the walkway. Interact with the panel next to it, head up the stairs, and open the beige door in front of you to find the next box.

If you turn right and head down the corridor, you can try to unlock the sealed door at the end of it. Inside is a dangerous robot — and a bag full of credits.

‘Tapping The Grid’ Junction Box 3 Location

A character looks at a junction box in the Well under New Atlantis during the Tapping the Grid mission in Starfield.

The third box is on the other side of Jake’s. Head down to the open area with the fire, and you’ll see it at the opposite end of the square.

‘Tapping The Grid’ Junction Box 4 Location

A character spots a junction box in the Well in New Atlantis during the Tapping the Grid mission in Starfield.

The final box is a little trickier. Louisa says it’s near the Trade Commission, so head there. Instead of turning right to enter the Commission offices, keep going straight ahead, and go up the stairs.

Enter the room, and listen to Louisa’s comment about the secondary power boxes. You need all four green lights turned on, which should look something like this.

The main character stares at four junction boxes in The Well under New Atlantis during the Tapping the Grid mission in Starfield.

If you can’t see the red lights well, the gist of the image is that the second box from the left is the only one that should be left alone. Activate the other three.

Immediately after finishing “Tapping the Grid,” the “Alternating Currents” side quest begins. Consult our “Alternating Currents” walkthrough to find the junction boxes and see if you should side with Louisa or Zoe.


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