Starfield potatoes evoke memories of Skyrim’s cheese

Gamersadmin September 6, 2023

If you think you’ve got a bit too much stuff stored around your spaceship in Starfield, you’ve got nothing on this one player.

Potatoes are quite easily my favourite vegetable. I know they don’t really count if we’re talking about them in terms of health, but screw that, I’m Irish, I’m a walking stereotype in that regard, sue me? But compared to one Starfield player, my love of the ole spud pales in comparison. As you can see in the video below, Reddit user Moozipan posted a video of them playing Starfield that seems quite innocuous at first. It kicks off innocently enough, with the player picking up a potato, while their companion Sarah remarks “You’re carrying too many odds and ends. Time to let something go.”

Time To Let Something Go
by u/Moozipan in Starfield

To my eyes, though, the ship looks pretty empty apart from that one potato. And then they open the door to the cockpit, and sure enough, that’s 20,000 potatoes right there. As pointed out by some commenters there’s also some wonderful spill physics going on there. They really do pour out just how 20,000 potatoes would in the real world. Or, I’m guessing so, it’s like I’ve personally seen 20,000 potatoes spilling out of a cockpit. But it is reminiscent of Skyrim’s relationship to cheese.

Moozipan also treated us to a second video, the same cockpit filled with the same amount of potatoes, only now it has Sarah in the cockpit asking if it’s “time to go?” The video ends with a real Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to be continued moment, as the potatoes seem to essentially explode, presumably because the game couldn’t quite handle it. Moozipan did note that for the most part so many potatoes did grind the game down to 20FPS, so overall it doesn’t seem like something you should set out to do yourself.

But… if you did want to do this, for whatever reason, you’ll probably have to use console commands. Luckily, we’ve got a guide to help you figure them out, as well as listing all of the cheats you can use.


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