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The Starfield First Contact mission has you dealing with two disparate groups: one aboard a ship and the other lounging around in a resort. What makes this side quest quite interesting is that there are three ways to complete it, with varying results. Our Starfield First Contact guide discusses what all of these decisions entail.

How to complete the First Contact mission in Starfield

The Starfield First Contact mission begins in orbit over Porrima II in the Porrima system. Upon arriving, you’ll hear a distress call from the surface. At the same time, an unidentified ship will hail you, and you can go ahead and dock. Inside, you’ll meet the captain, Diana.

It seems that the people here are all colonists that have fled Earth hundreds of years prior. Technical issues meant that generations continued to live inside the ship, oblivious to the events that have transpired in the wider galaxy. They’ve also had problems when trying to communicate with others, including the planet of Porrima II, which they consider their rightful home. Unfortunately, it’s now owned by a corporation that plans to make a planet-wide resort.

Diana and the other colonists need your help.

Oliver’s proposal

Go ahead and land on Porrima II and make your way to the Paradiso building. Talk to the CEO, Oliver, and tell him that the ship is actually filled with colonists. He gives you three options, and your decision here will lead to the next task:

  • Option 1: Have them settle as indentured servants.
  • Option 2: Buy a new grav drive for them.
  • Option 3: Blow up the reactor.
The head honcho of the corporation presents you with three choices.
The head honcho of the corporation presents you with three choices.

Settlement option

At a glance, you might think that the Starfield First Contact quest has the settlement option as the most straightforward route. However, you’ll realize that the colonist would end up working for the corporation just to be given a place to call home.

To make matters worse, the next step requires you to collect 10 lithium, 80 iron, 20 sealant, and 40 fiber. That could turn out to be a very time-consuming task, especially if you haven’t been farming or fabricating materials.

Having people settle on Porrima II might seem like a good idea, but you need to gather a lot of resources.
Having people settle on Porrima II might seem like a good idea, but you need to gather a lot of resources.

Grav drive option

If you want to purchase a grav drive instead, make your way to the nearby shop and talk to an NPC named Bennu. He’ll initially sell the parts for a whopping 40,000 credits. However, if you manage to succeed in the Persuasion minigame, he’ll lower the fee to 25,000 credits. If you need the cash, we’ve got tips in our moneymaking guide.

Once you have the grav drive, return to Diana and tell her about it. This causes the ship to leave, as the colonists attempt to find a new home. For the sake of clarity, we were still able to track the ship’s location via the assignments/quests menu.

The grav drive can be quite expensive.
The grav drive can be quite expensive.

Reactor option

The most drastic option for the Starfield First Contact mission involves destroying the reactor. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Go to the ship’s engineering bay. You’ll notice three terminals, but they’re inaccessible. You need to sneak behind the chief engineer and pickpocket his key.
  • First terminal: Turbopump – Port.
  • Second terminal: Plasma Run-off Inhibiter – Adjust to 5% power.
  • Third terminal: Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures – Decouple.
  • Head to the bridge and interact with the control system in front of the captain’s seat.
  • Successfully hack the device via the lockpicking mechanic, then choose Emergency Reactor Overdrive.
  • Pick “Confirm Request.”


Left: Sabotage the engines; Right: Watch the colony ship blow up.

Doing the above will cause everyone on the ship to turn hostile. However, you don’t need to fight them all. Instead, simply make a run for the docking bay, and get back on your ship. As soon as you undock, the explosion will occur, killing Diana and the other colonists.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the First Contact quest in Starfield. Whatever you decision might be, enjoy your just rewards.

Starfield is a massive game with numerous planets to explore. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our guides hub.

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