Space Marine 2 trailer goes hard to nail Warhammer 40K’s massive scale

Gamersadmin August 30, 2023

The setting of Warhammer 40,000 is known for two things: being grim and being big. It’s a galaxy of massive scale and scope, inhabited by the dystopian Imperium of Man, dozens of deadly alien Xenos, and countless worlds under siege. This is a setting where humanity often dwells in hive cities, urban sprawls that consume entire worlds and contain billions and billions of poor souls. Space Marine 2, due out later this year, looks like it embraces the sheer size and scope of 40K, taking the player through the infrastructure of the Imperium.

Space Marine 2 is an action game in which Lieutenant Titus joins the war against the deadly Tyranid swarms. The Tyranids are an insectoid-style race of aliens with an insatiable hunger for biomass. The Space Marines have been sent to reinforce the Cadian Imperial Guard, and it’s up to Titus to save the day (through enormous amounts of murder.)

Today, Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive released an extended gameplay trailer that gives us a better look at the hive cities and military structures of Space Marine 2. Polygon was able to experience a one hour gameplay demo, but it largely took place in isolated swamps on the edges of the conflict. This gameplay trailer shows Titus moving through Cadian HQ and through the levels of a hive city, and it’s an awe-inspiring sight. One of the best parts of 40K horde shooter Darktide was the environments, so it’s exciting to see similar structures show up in Space Marine 2.

The trailer also shows that there are more enemies out there than just the Tyranids. The Thousand Sons, corrupted Space Marines in the service of the Chaos God Tzeentch, appear in the game. We get a glimpse of what Tzeentch’s incursion into realspace looks like, and it’s just as big and bombastic as the rest of the environments.

Space Marine 2 will release this winter; the publisher has not shared an exact release date at this time.


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