Soulframe shows its true nature in first ever gameplay demo

Gamersadmin August 31, 2023

Soulframe has just gotten its first ever gameplay demo shown off at Tennocon 2023, giving fans present in-person and watching online their first proper look at Digital Extreme’s next big project.

For a small glimpse of the demonstration, check out this new trailer here!

In the roughly 30-minute demo, we see various fights between the player character and Ode soldiers, exploration through the overworld and a procedurally generated dungeon, a boss fight, and character customisation. A brief glimpse, but one that gives a good idea of what the gameplay loop will be.

In terms of player power, it appears a good-ways less complicated than Warframe. There’s no sign of a modding system, instead souls and pacts taking its place. A good thing for those who remain daunted by Warframe’s progression systems – although to its credit Digital Extremes has gone a long way in streamlining and simplifying the initial experience for new players.

Rom, eat your heart out. | Image credit: Digital Extremes

Also, some surprises! A very Ocarina of time mini-game where players delve into the past of an area, and plenty of environmental interaction that separates the game quite drastically from Warframe – at some points leaning into Dark Messiah of Might and Magic territory which is lovely to see. Kicking folks off bridges and dropping spike traps galore.

There’s no release date as of yet, but from the small half-hour demo it’s looking like the game is in a pretty good state. Especially considering the Digital Extremes team only started working on the game in earnest last year, according to lead dev Steve Sinclair. Although, you can be sure a lot of work has been done to make this small slice look good for everyone, it’s a whole other thing to keep quality up for a whole game!

What do you think of this new gameplay demo for Soulframe? Are you sold on this next big game from Digital Extremes, or are you firmly sticking with camp space ninja? Let us know below!


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