Sega and Atlus will tell you all about their newest titles at the Tokyo Game Show next month

Gamersadmin August 28, 2023

Sega and Atlus have set a date for a showcase at next month’s Tokyo Games Show where you can “learn all about the newest titles,” from the pair of developers.

As spotted by Siliconera, the pages dedicated to Sega’s appearance at the Tokyo Games Show in both English and Japanese have been updated announcing the new showcase, titled Sega New. You’ll be able to tune into this showcase September 21 at 11am UK time (or 7pm JST, 5am ET), with Sega New being described as “a monthly broadcast that is held on the official SEGA YouTube channel.” By the sounds of it, this means this will be the start of a new monthly thing from Sega, so we can possibly expect more regular updates from the company.

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Neither Sega or Atlus provided any more details on the presentation outside of when it will be held, but you can expect it to be about 50 minutes long, so there’s plenty of potential announcements to be made. There’s normally something Sonic related on the way from Sega, and Atlus obviously has Persona 3 Reload on the way, so we can probably expect for them to both make some kind of an appearance.

We already know that Sonic Superstars is out in October, as revealed in a recent trailer at Gamescom. On top of Superstars’ release date trailer, we also got a brief look at Sonic Frontiers’ final update. There’s still not much to know about the last update, but it is meant to introduce more playable characters (presumably Amy, Tails, and Knuckles), as well as some more story. It’s also looking like Sonic will have a new, stronger version of his Super Sonic form, giving the hedgehog blue eyes, making him much closer to his Dragon Ball inspirations. You can expect this update to drop September 28 on all platforms, for free.


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