Retro Arcade Game Dodo Peak is Free at Epic

Gamersadmin August 29, 2023

Epic Games is giving away FREE copies of Dodo Peak for one week, starting today and lasting until August 24th 2023.

FREE GAME: Retro Arcade Game Dodo Peak is Free at Epic

Epic has announced that they will keep the weekly free game giveaway throughout 2023 – follow us on TwitterFacebook or Steam to get a reminder when each new free game giveaway launches!


Play as a dodo bird to find and rescue your lost babies from a series of dangerous peaks. Maneuver them home while avoiding obstacles and enemies! Dodo Peak is a throwback to the classic arcade platformers of the past with a modern twist.

Collect coins, dodge sneaky snakes, avoid malevolent monkeys, grab power-ups for extra speed or super strength, and strive for the best time across a stunning variety of handcrafted islands. As your pack grows, so does the challenge in bringing them home!

Dodo Peak has 56 score on Metacritic and it’s normal price is $9.99. Get it for free at Epic Games Store this week and keep it forever! Read on to see how to:



Just head over to Epic Games Store or navigate to the game in their launcher before August 24th 2023, add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. After that, the game is yours to keep, and play, forever.

Make sure to check in next Thursday for the next Epic Games Store freebies!

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