Remnant 2: Comprehensive Controls Guide for PC and Controller Players – Master Every Move in the Apocalypse!

Gamersadmin July 28, 2023

Whether you plan to play Remnant 2 on a keyboard and mouse or a controller, we’ve put together a quick guide that will walk you through a list of all the controls and key bindings you’ll be using during your adventures.

Although the default controls are pretty decent, the game allows you to reassign every function to any key you want. So, get a good idea of ​​the main links you’ll be using before diving deep into the game.

Now let’s take a look at the default controls!

The remaining keyboard and mouse controls 2

The remaining keyboard and mouse controls 2

The KB/M controls in Remnant 2 are stacked neatly under 5 groups, which we’ll list below.

a movement

keybind job
w straight ahead
s backwards
a Leave
Dr right
Left mouse swipe Turn left
Right mouse swipe Turn right
space bar Dodge / Vault
Left Alt Bend over
left shift sprint
Basic movements


keybind job
s Capacity 1
c capacity 2
Left mouse button Melee attack/shooting
Click on the right mouse button Goal
X Weapon switch
Mouse wheel Weapon switch
F Weapon mod
R Reloading
z Domain
left shift turning the camera
Fighting controls


keybind job
H reacts
1 remains
2 element slot 1
3 element slot 2
4 element slot 3
5 item slot 4
g ping
the Flashlight
Interaction controls


keybind job
Unpaid invoice menu
a Options
s original form
j a personality
I barren
t Features
s Advanced stats
M a map
Menu navigation controls

user interface

keybind job
space bar He chooses
H element interaction
F Define dialogue
space bar Skip the dialogue
Click on the right mouse button to examine
The correct move Next spectator
H Tab right
s left tab
w Camera map forward
s Camera map back
Dr Right camera map
a Left camera map
User interface navigation controls

2 remaining controller controls

R2 Permissions Controller

The console design for R2 is very simple and easy to remember. Here is a table where you can quickly check which button does what.

button job
He chooses menu
menu a map
Left shock absorber Dragon Heart / Alternate Mode
Right shock absorber Alt Fire mode
left trigger Goal
Right trigger Shoot / attack
left stick Movement/speed/shift of the camera
right stick camera / scope
D-Pad Up Flashlight
D-pad down dance wheel
s Weapon switch/item 2
X Interaction/element 1
B Bending / Item 4
a Dodge / Vault / Item 3
Controller button layout (Xbox)

If you are having trouble setting up your console or any other kind of error with Remnant 2, please refer to our step by step guide.

With Remnant 2’s controls out of the way, you can focus more on the important things, like system requirements, to see if R2 will run well on your system and to buy the game.

Stick to WhatIFGaming if you want to know all about the different R2 worlds and how to survive your journey in each one.


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