Rashid’s Revolution: Street Fighter 6’s Game-Changing Overhaul Takes Center Stage

Gamersadmin July 20, 2023

Mastering the Winds of Change: How Rashid’s Redesign Elevates Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

It looks like Street Fighter 6 will be turning on its head pretty soon, courtesy of Rashid. With the official video of his character guide just released online, we can now clearly see today just how reckless Rashid’s choice of attacks and specials is.

As with previous character guides from Capcom, we get a breakdown of every part of Rashid’s toolkit. This pretty much focuses on the basics, clearly showing all of Rashid’s different attacks and what they do. It’s basically meant to be a blanket infomercial for the upcoming DLC ​​character, meant to inform and get you excited enough to grab the character when this month drops.

Perhaps the most terrifying of all we saw was Rashid’s sheer mobility. The character already had a legacy of bullshit with wall-jumping back in Street Fighter V, but Rashid seems able to drastically change direction in the air for bad offensive plays.

As you can imagine, the hardcore Street fighter 6 crowd is breaking down this video and trying to analyze just how scary Rashid is with limited information. Early opinion spreading now? Rashid looks on Wild.

“Tonight! I watched Rashid’s clips. Come and enjoy the game one last time,” writes the Meltdown London Twitter accountis promoting its weekly Street Fighter 6 tournament. Due to his amazing ability to get close and confused, the jokes surrounding Rashid’s ability to remove the neutral game (as both players are looking for an opening) a lot.

Give this Rashid character guide an hour, and then tell us what you think! Does it look correct? Let us know below.

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