Prime Revival: The Resurgence of Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime in Warframe!

Gamersadmin August 6, 2023

The world of Warframe has been electrified with excitement as the Prime Resurgence event has brought back two iconic Prime Warframes, Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime, into the spotlight. The event has sent shockwaves through the player community, rekindling nostalgia and attracting a new generation of Tenno eager to wield the powers of these formidable frames. In this article, we delve into the history of Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime, their unique abilities, and the impact of their return on the game.*

**Nyx Prime: The Mistress of Chaos Returns**

Nyx Prime is the Prime variant of the mesmerizing Nyx Warframe, known for her mastery of psychic abilities that sow discord and confusion among her enemies. Her return to the game has fans rejoicing as they can once again harness her potent powers.

*History and Design:*
Nyx Prime was first released in 2013 and captivated players with her visually stunning design and gameplay mechanics. The frame’s aesthetics blend classical Greek influences with futuristic elements, giving her an elegant and powerful appearance that remains timeless. Her abilities revolve around controlling enemy minds, turning their aggression against one another, and creating chaos on the battlefield.

1. **Mind Control**: Nyx takes control of an enemy, turning them into an ally for a limited time.
2. **Psychic Bolts**: Launches bolts that disrupt the minds of nearby enemies, reducing their ability to resist damage.
3. **Chaos**: Spreads confusion among enemies, causing them to attack one another instead of the Tenno.
4. **Absorb**: Creates a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage, converting it into a powerful radial blast.

**Rhino Prime: The Unstoppable Juggernaut Returns**

Rhino Prime is the Prime variant of the durable and resilient Rhino Warframe, known for his incredible strength and ability to withstand immense amounts of damage. His resurgence has brought back the fan-favorite tank frame, empowering players with a formidable, unyielding force.

*History and Design:*
Rhino Prime made his first appearance in 2014 and quickly became a staple choice for players who sought a sturdy and straightforward Warframe. His design draws inspiration from the rhinoceros, showcasing a bulky yet majestic appearance, embodying the frame’s essence of strength and resilience.

1. **Rhino Charge**: Rushes forward, knocking down enemies in his path with an unstoppable charge.
2. **Iron Skin**: Creates an iron-like armor around Rhino, granting temporary invulnerability to damage.
3. **Roar**: Emits a powerful roar that boosts the damage dealt by Rhino and his allies.
4. **Stomp**: Stomps the ground with immense force, sending shockwaves that suspend enemies and deal damage.

**Impact on the Game:**

The return of Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime has had a significant impact on the Warframe community. Veterans who once wielded these frames in their prime are delighted to see them back in action, while newer players are excited to experience their unique gameplay styles for the first time.

Players are engaging in relic hunting to obtain the necessary Prime parts to craft these frames, and the in-game trading market has seen a surge in activity as Tenno barter for coveted Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime parts.

Moreover, the arrival of these Prime Warframes also signals a potential shift in the game’s meta. Their distinctive abilities and roles in team compositions might influence how players approach various missions and challenges. Both frames have their strengths and can cater to different playstyles, adding diversity and complexity to squad compositions.


The Prime Resurgence event has breathed new life into Warframe by bringing back the iconic Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime. Players old and new alike are thrilled to wield the power of these revered frames once more. Nyx Prime’s mastery of chaos and mind control and Rhino Prime’s invincible juggernaut-like abilities have carved a lasting legacy in the game’s history. As Tenno embark on new adventures with these beloved frames, the game’s universe is bound to see more chaos and destruction than ever before – all in the name of saving the Origin System from its darkest threats.


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