PlayStation Plus price increase for 12-month plans coming in September

Gamersadmin August 30, 2023

Sony is raising the price of a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription across all plans in September. Subscribers can expect to pay at least $20 more annually at the base level known as PlayStation Plus Essential. They’ll see bigger price hikes for Extra- and Premium-level subscriptions — including an additional $40 per year for the top-tier PS Plus plan.

Here’s the breakdown for new pricing in the U.S.:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12-month subscription — $79.99 (up from $59.99)
  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12-month subscription — $134.99 (up from $99.99)
  • PlayStation Plus Premium 12-month subscription — $159.99 (up from $119.99)

Those price changes go into effect on Sept. 6, Sony said in an announcement on the PlayStation Blog. “This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service,” the company said.

Current 12-month PS Plus subscribers will see those price changes reflected on their next subscription renewal if it takes place on or after Nov. 6, Sony said. “However, any membership changes you make on or after September 6, such as upgrades, downgrades or buying additional time, will update your plan reflecting the new prices,” the company noted.

The PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription price increase is global. Here’s how it shakes out for other regions:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential 12-month subscription — €71.99 in Europe / £59.99 in the U.K. / 6,800 yen in Japan
  • PlayStation Plus Extra 12-month subscription — €125.99 / £99.99 / 11,700 yen
  • PlayStation Plus Premium 12-month subscription — €151.99 / £119.99 / 13,900 yen

PlayStation Plus Essential is the base tier of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s subscription service that offers online multiplayer access, a monthly assortment of free PS4 and PS5 games, cloud storage, and discounts on PlayStation Store purchases. The Extra tier offers access to Sony’s Game Catalog, which features hundreds of games from the PS4 and PS5 libraries. Premium offers more, including Sony’s Classics Catalog, game trials, and cloud streaming.


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