One Pre-Release Starfield Bug Put A Deadly Shark In An Elevator

Gamersadmin September 6, 2023

Bethseda patched out an absurd bug in Starfield, wherein one planet’s giant shark could get stuck in an elevator, causing further chaos as it emerged onto a populated city street.

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s head of global publishing, told the story of this glitch in an interview with Game Industry. To start, he discussed the developer’s reputation of buggy games and why the studio seeks to “embrace chaos.” He explained that while Bethseda’s games can be buggy, that comes from the developer’s emphasize on player freedom. He said, “Of course there are bugs. But does it take away from your experience? Or do you have a consistent, fun game that you just can’t stop playing and experimenting with?”

Hines elaborated with the full story of the shark elevator, “On Neon, a planet covered entirely in water with a city that sits on top of it, we had a bug where a shark was able to get on an elevator. Then the elevator doors would open on a street level and the shark would come sliding out – everybody screams and starts running in every direction. I’m laying into it with weapons, people are screaming and guards are running. I said: ‘Do not take this bug out of the game!’ I’m almost positive they did but I love that stuff.”

Unfortunately, while funny bugs and absurd confluences of Starfield’s many system will continue to emerge, it is unlikely that we’ll be seeing sharks pop out of elevators anytime soon. That does not mean the game is bug-free. You can nab infinite money, using a very similar glitch to one in Skyrim. You can also grab an advanced space suit far earlier than intended, thanks to some physics trickery. As for other Starfield-related absurdities, you can make Nic Cage’s face come out of your flashlight with some modding.

Starfield exits early access on September 6. The game is the biggest title joining Game Pass this month, though Solar Ash and Lies of P are also joining later in September.

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