Modder successfully puts Armored Core into Elden Ring, but don’t get too excited

Gamersadmin September 6, 2023

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is the first non-Souls-y FromSoftware game in over a decade. It’s so different from the studio’s recent work, in fact, some can’t seem to get into it.

Modders love to bring all kinds of weird/pop culture sensations/stuff from other games into FromSoftware games on the regural, including, of course, Elden Ring. So you know the next logical step is to merge Armored Core with Elden Ring.

That’s exactly what modder, YouTuber, and FromSoftware historian, Zullie the Witch, wanted to do with their latest project. With the help of fellow modder Dropoff (responsible for that ungodly CJ from San Andreas mod), they were able to bring an Armored Core into The Lands Between.

What makes this possible is the fact that all FromSoftware games, since the Xbox 360/PS3 era, have been using modified versions of the same core engine. That means Elden Ring, and Armored Core 6, both share underlying code. In fact, modders have been using similar tools to create mods for both games.

Unfortuantely, as you may have already guessed, this only serves to bring the mech into Elden Ring. You can’t pilot it, and it’s unable to even move. Even without any animations or VFX, it manages to stand there, all imposing and such.

For context, the starting Armored Core is a little taller than Radahn, but significantly shorter than the Fire Giant.


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