Master the Sky: TOTK Armor Sets Transform Sky Island Exploration into a Breeze!

Gamersadmin June 24, 2023
Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit: TOTK Armor Sets Provide Unprecedented Advantages for Exploring Sky Islands in Exhilarating Fashion!

Explore the sky’s islands The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It can be much easier with the right choice of armor. The effects of two sets of armor in particular combine to make navigating the skies above Hyrule less stressful than it might be otherwise. With all the things to do and see among the clouds, the potential of this feature cannot be ignored Totk.

Armor sets come with many effects in Kingdom Tears, allowing Link to face a variety of situations with confidence. While these influences mean players may want a specific one Totk Armors are assigned first based on intended playstyle or interests, and there’s no denying that all armor sets have their place, whether that’s in combat or just for cosmetic looks. However, when it comes to traveling to and between the iconic Sky Islands, there are actually two sets of armor that are just as important for players to acquire.

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Sky exploration in TOTK is even better with Glide and Zonaite Armor

Link dons Glide and Zonaite's armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Glide and Zonaite armor sets are invaluable for mid-air travel and scouting Kingdom Tears. A slide armor set gives the player greater maneuverability while sliding, and when a full set is upgraded twice it eliminates fall damage completely. Totk Meanwhile, Zonaite armor reduces the power consumed by active Zonai devices. The bonus upgrade effect of this deck likewise increases the rate at which Link’s power cells recharge, something that becomes increasingly valuable as the player increases their maximum battery life. Together, these armor sets allow Link to travel farther in the future Totk With the vehicles he creates, as well as allowing him to survive any mishaps.

TOTK Slide Shield prevents airborne accidents from hurting

Link is represented in the slide shield found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Glide Armor set is obtained by completing various skydiving challenges in the sky. This diving ceremony, which appears to be a Zonai coming-of-age tradition, involves passing through a series of rings while skydiving all-out within a certain period of time. Glide Armor itself contributed greatly to this, its effects allowing for greater control of the skydiver with each piece; Therefore, the more trials Link completes, the easier it will be to complete them. The challenges themselves cost Link one Zonai charge to attempt, though he gets a free trial run first (and doing so also allows him to activate the Shrine).

Dive Challenge Sky Islands are easily recognizable by the series of towering blocks and other stonework above them. For example, Glide Tights are found on Bravery Island, which is easy to access by launching from Typhlo Ruins Skyview Tower and skiing south with a Paraglider. Talking to the Steward Construct there will allow Link to attempt the experiment, which must be completed in 35 seconds or less. Completing the challenge a second time, and achieving a time under the 20-second mark, will earn Link a Large Zonai Charge. A similar sequence of events unfolds for the other pieces of the collection, the Glide Shirt and Glide Mask.

The Glide Jersey is won on Courage Island, located in Central Hyrule Sky. Meanwhile, Glide Mask is on the Isle of Valor above South Lanayru. Again, completing both challenges requires Link to reach the bottom with a diving time of 35 seconds or less. Furthermore, by upgrading the deck with Keese Wings and Aerocuda Eyeballs, Link will unlock the Impact Proof deck bonus. This proves invaluable for times when Link falls from a great height without stamina, perhaps as a result of slipping too far or climbing too high. It is similarly useful when flying machines start to fail too far from solid ground.

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Vehicles go further with TOTK’s Zonaite Armor

Link wears Zonaite armor from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Finding and completing the Zonaite armor set is a challenge in itself, requiring Link to visit some significantly inaccessible Sky Islands. In order to access these islands, he must have access to plenty of Stamina and Zonai Charge, or at least enough resources to refill his reserves. However, the investment of time and energy is undoubtedly worth it; Each piece of the Zonaite armor set allows him to use the Zonai devices for longer, and the full set’s recovery boost effect will also help him move to the next stage of a long journey sooner; An invaluable influence for any player who regularly uses Zoani devices to explore Hyrule.

Zonaite Shin Guards are perhaps the easiest piece of armor to find, as they are located in the Akkala Sky Mine above the Rist Peninsula. Zonai flying machines are essential to get to this location, which is located far out in the Sokkala Sky Archipelago. Getting to the Shin Guards properly involves solving an environmental puzzle, and like the diving party islands, there is also a shrine for players to activate. Meanwhile, the Zonaite Waistguard is located on the Zonai Forge island above West Necluda, and the Helm is located on the Lightcast Island above Tabantha. Both are similarly difficult to reach, with Lightcast Island so high that the effects of gravity weaken.

With the Zonaite Armor in Link’s possession, and upgraded with materials collected from Zonai Constructs, he traveled in Kingdom Tears easier than ever. This is particularly evident in the sky, where miscalculations at range can cause the deadly link to fall to the surface. Zonai vehicles will likely carry him all the way to faraway destinations with Zonaite Armor, and Glide Armor can also save him in a worst case scenario where even Zonaite Armor isn’t enough.

Collecting Zonaite armor requires extensive use of Zonai devices, which is thematically appropriate considering armor effects, much like diving ceremonies for sliding armor. Obtaining these armor sets pushes Link to the limits of his airborne capabilities and rewards him by greatly increasing those limits. Of course, they have their uses on the surface and in the depths as well, but it is among the sky islands from which they gain these armor sets that they really shine. The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s TearsThe iconic field is, without a doubt, best explored with the Glide and Zonaite Armor sets on hand.


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