Lenovo Legion Go PC Handheld Preorders Will Be Available Soon

Gamersadmin September 2, 2023

Steam Deck continues to rule the world of handheld PCs, but the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go poses a real threat to its throne. With powerful hardware, a striking design, and a reasonable price, the Legion Go could become a viable alternative to Steam Deck. Preorders are expected to open soon–and they’re bound to sell out fast ahead of the system’s release in October.

Here’s a look at the Lenovo Legion Go to help you decide if it’s worth a reservation.

Along with great hardware and Windows 11, Legion Go takes a few design cues from Nintendo Switch. Both controllers straddling the sides of the display are removable (much like the Switch Joy-Con), and you’ll even find a kickstand on the back of the display.

Its button layout, however, is incredibly innovative–along with all the usual face buttons, the back of the controllers feature several mappable buttons plus a mouse wheel. Lenovo was able to cram all these buttons on the controller due to the Legion Go’s large footprint. Compared to the seven-inch screen of Steam Deck and Switch, there’s a lot of real estate to work with.

Rounding out the handheld PC is a microSD expansion slot, two USB-C ports, and a hard-sided carrying case. We’re not sure when preorders will open, but be sure to check back frequently if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the unique device.

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