Last Epoch: The Community-Crafted Action RPG Forged by Redditors

Gamersadmin September 21, 2023

In a remarkable testament to the power of passionate gamers and online communities, Last Epoch, an action role-playing game (ARPG) that is turning heads in the gaming world, is being crafted by a group of dedicated Redditors. This collaborative endeavor showcases the potential for passionate individuals to come together and create something extraordinary in the gaming industry. In this article, we’ll delve into the unique journey of Last Epoch and explore how a community-driven approach is reshaping the development of modern video games.

A Community-Driven Creation

Last Epoch’s origin story is unlike most other games in the ARPG genre. It all began on Reddit, a platform known for its diverse and enthusiastic user base. A group of like-minded gamers, who shared a deep love for ARPGs and a desire to see certain features in the genre, came together to form what would later become Eleventh Hour Games.

1. Shared Vision and Passion

What sets Last Epoch apart is the shared vision and passion of its creators. This group of Redditors had a clear understanding of what they wanted in an ARPG and how they could build a game that catered to their collective desires. This shared vision formed the foundation of their collaborative effort.

2. Kickstarter Success

In 2018, Eleventh Hour Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of Last Epoch. The response from the gaming community was overwhelming. Gamers and ARPG enthusiasts from around the world poured their support into the project, raising over $250,000 – well beyond the initial funding goal.

3. Transparent Development

One of the defining characteristics of Last Epoch’s development process is transparency. The developers maintain a strong presence on Reddit and other social media platforms, regularly updating the community on the game’s progress, sharing insights into development decisions, and actively seeking player feedback.

4. Iterative Design

The collaborative spirit of the Last Epoch development team is evident in the game’s iterative design. The developers actively listen to player feedback, making adjustments and improvements based on community input. This approach ensures that the game aligns with the desires of its core audience.

Key Features of Last Epoch

  1. Time-Traveling Fantasy World: Last Epoch invites players to explore a rich, time-traveling fantasy world filled with diverse regions and unique challenges.
  2. Deep Character Customization: The game offers an extensive skill and class system, allowing players to create characters tailored to their preferred playstyles.
  3. Dynamic Endgame Content: A robust endgame system includes challenging dungeons, multiplayer features, and leaderboard competitions.
  4. Time Manipulation Mechanics: Last Epoch’s signature mechanic allows players to manipulate time, altering the past to influence the present and future.
  5. Engaging Lore and Storytelling: The game weaves a captivating narrative, adding depth to the world and its characters.


Last Epoch is a shining example of how a passionate community, initially formed on Reddit, can come together to create a unique and engaging gaming experience. The collaborative spirit, transparent development, and dedication to delivering a game that resonates with ARPG enthusiasts have set Last Epoch apart in the gaming world. As the game continues to evolve and improve with the input of its community, it represents a fascinating chapter in the ever-evolving relationship between game developers and players. Last Epoch is a reminder that the future of gaming lies not just in the hands of large studios but in the collective creativity and passion of gamers themselves.


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