GameStop Trade-In Offer Gives You A Discounted Way To Play Starfield On Xbox Series X

Gamersadmin September 7, 2023

Starfield is here, and for anyone looking to dive into the big new Bethesda Game Studios sci-fi adventure–and plenty of other great games–you can take advantage of a nice Xbox Series X trade-in offer. At GameStop, you can get an extra $50 in trade-in credit when you trade an eligible console toward an Xbox Series X console or bundle. This promotion runs through September 16.

How to get $50 extra trade-in credit toward Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Eligible consoles include PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. If you’re a PowerUp Rewards Pro member, the $50 bonus stacks with your 10% extra trade-in credit that comes with your membership. All trade-in values listed below are only valid on September 6. Values can fluctuate slightly each day.

Naturally, trade-in credit varies by console. For example, selling your PS5 to GameStop (at the time of writing) can net you up to $330 (plus the bonus $50 toward an Xbox Series X). The PS5 Digital Edition can get you $275 plus the bonus. Older consoles such as the PlayStation 4 Slim and Xbox One S will wind up knocking less money off the price, approximately $105 or $127, respectively. Meanwhile, the three Nintendo Switch models will make big dents in the price of your Xbox Series X with the bonus: $215 for Switch OLED, $171 for Switch, and $114 for Switch Lite.

On Xbox Series X, Starfield runs at a smooth 4K 30fps on that system. If you’re not too worried about resolution, the smaller and more affordable Xbox Series S can also handle Starfield at 1440p 30fps. Though the Series S isn’t eligible for the trade-in bonus, you could still trade-in your old console for the more affordable Series S. GameStop has preowned Xbox Series S consoles starting at $250. The recently released 1TB black Series S is available for $350.

One of the nice benefits of playing on consoles is that there’s no need to fiddle around with graphical settings. Once the game has been installed, you can sit down, grab a controller, and start playing.

Starfield products at GameStop


Beyond a hard-to-beat discount on an Xbox Series X, you can also grab plenty of other Starfield products from GameStop. We’ve listed all of the Starfield products (along with Xbox consoles) GameStop currently carries below. Please note that the Constellation Edition as well as the special-edition controller and headset are out of stock online but may be available to pick up at your local GameStop.

Keep in mind you can dive into Starfield through Xbox Game Pass. There’s no need to buy a copy of the game once you get your Xbox Series X.

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