Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Slices Into A New Teaser Trailer

Gamersadmin September 8, 2023

Halloween is taking a backseat as the horror season descends upon us, as director Eli Roth (Death Wish, The House with a Clock in its Walls) has unveiled a gruesome new teaser for Thanksgiving. The slasher film’s cast includes Patrick Dempsey, TikTok star Addison Rae, and more, and it’s set to hit theaters on November 17.

The plot follows a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer who terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts, the holiday’s birthplace, after a Black Friday riot turns tragic. The trailer reveals the pilgrim-themed killer’s brutal pursuit, including a bone-chilling scene in a walk-in freezer. Check it out below.

Thanksgiving brings to life a mock trailer for a movie of the same name initially featured in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s 2007 film Grindhouse. Roth himself starred in the original trailer, depicting a mysterious slasher invading a small Massachusetts town during the holiday. Grindhouse also featured fictitious trailers from Edgar Wright, Rob Zombie, and Jason Eisener.

Joining Rae and Dempsey in the cast are Milo Manheim, Nell Verlaque, Jalen Thomas Brooks, Rick Hoffman, Gina Gershon, Chris Sandiford, Tim Dillon, and Tomaso Sanelli. Co-written by Roth and Jeff Rendell, the film is produced by Roth and Roger Birnbaum.

Announcements around this trailer coming out are also clarifying that Roth was not fired from Borderlands earlier this year when Deadpool director Tim Miller stepped in for reshoots on the video game adaptation. Instead, he was busy completing production on Thanksgiving, as reported by IndieWire and other sources.

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