Defy the Gods as a Witchy Moon Goddess in Hades 2

Gamersadmin August 18, 2023

Greek-mythology-themed roguelike Hades is getting a sequel, but developer Supergiant has kept the details scant beyond a Hades 2 reveal trailer and news that the game will drop into Early Access during 2023. It features a witch-like character as its protagonist, who plans to wreak vengeance on time titan Kronos with dark sorcery.

Still set in a world of Greek mythology loaded with capricious gods and other deadly but amicable entities, the game features a new female protagonist Melinoe, instead of the first installment’s hero Zagreus, son of underworld deity Hades. Within the game world, Zagreus and Melinoe are siblings, although inside the annuls of Greek mythology the two existed as mother and daughter. 

Hades 2 follows directly from the storyline of Hades. Time Titan Chronos is the big bad in this one, and his main goal is to take over Olympus. Much like in the original, you’ll hack and slash your way through various monsters and gods, accumulating new weapons and powers as you go. The original Hades also featured in-depth character relationships plus an ongoing story to delve into amid the wild battles. 

Hades 2 was announced at the 2022 Game Awards, an awards ceremony that the first Hades game aced back in 2020, where it picked up Game of the Year 2020. Critically acclaimed and commercially successful, Hades is considered one of the best roguelike games of all time. 

For me, it’s always stood out for its incredible dialog, unique characters, and frenetic soundtrack. However, developer Supergiant’s promise that Hades 2 will explore the “dawn of witchcraft” has me excitedly clacking my claws. 

Hades 2 is landing in Early Access on Steam during 2023 and you can check out the release trailer, complete with glowing eyes and plenty of doom, darkness, and sweet fightin’ moves.


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