Dead Space Co-Creator Glen Schofield Departs from Troubled ‘The Callisto Protocol’ Project

Gamersadmin September 21, 2023

The gaming industry was shaken when it learned that Glen Schofield, co-creator of the iconic “Dead Space” series, had departed from the studio working on the highly anticipated game, “The Callisto Protocol.” This departure follows a tumultuous reception and a series of controversies surrounding the game’s development and promotion. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind Glen Schofield’s exit from the project, the challenges faced by the team, and the future of “The Callisto Protocol.”

A Controversial Journey

“The Callisto Protocol” generated significant excitement when it was first announced as a spiritual successor to the “Dead Space” series, known for its spine-chilling horror and atmospheric storytelling. Glen Schofield’s involvement with the project added to the anticipation, as he brought with him a legacy of delivering memorable horror experiences.

However, as development progressed, the game faced numerous challenges. Delays, changes in development leadership, and an initial lack of concrete information about the game’s direction led to growing concerns within the gaming community. Fans who had hoped for a true successor to “Dead Space” began to worry that “The Callisto Protocol” might not live up to their expectations.

A Rocky Reception

When the game was finally showcased at various gaming events, it received a mixed reception. Some players were intrigued by its eerie atmosphere and unsettling visuals, while others found fault with the gameplay mechanics and story elements revealed. Critics raised concerns about the game’s adherence to certain trends in the horror genre, which some felt might dilute the unique appeal of the “Dead Space” legacy.

Glen Schofield’s Departure

Amid the growing uncertainty and mixed reception, Glen Schofield announced his departure from the studio, Striking Distance Studios, in a move that caught many fans by surprise. Schofield cited a desire to return to more “hands-on” game development as his reason for leaving the project.

It’s important to note that Schofield’s departure does not necessarily indicate a lack of faith in the project’s future but rather a personal decision to focus on his own creative endeavors. Nevertheless, it raises questions about the project’s direction and the impact of losing a key creative figure like Schofield.

The Future of “The Callisto Protocol”

Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding its development, “The Callisto Protocol” is still in progress. Striking Distance Studios remains committed to delivering a compelling horror experience, and they have a dedicated team working on the game. The departure of Glen Schofield may lead to some changes in the game’s direction, but it also provides an opportunity for fresh perspectives to shape its development.


“The Callisto Protocol” continues to be a highly anticipated title in the world of horror gaming, and its fate remains uncertain in the wake of Glen Schofield’s departure. The challenges and controversies surrounding the game’s development serve as a reminder of the complexities and pressures faced by developers in the industry. As the gaming community watches with bated breath, the hope is that “The Callisto Protocol” can find its own identity and deliver a horror experience that both honors its “Dead Space” roots and stands on its own merits. Only time will tell if it can rise above the controversies and fulfill the expectations of eager fans.


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