Dbrand launches its own Spider-Man 2 PS5 plates

Gamersadmin September 9, 2023

Dbrand will never stop Dbrand-ing. The device outfitter is taking another opportunistic jab at huge corporations, this time against Sony, a frequent sparring partner. It debuted the Arachnoplates, its creative interpretation of Sony’s console covers made to celebrate Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for the PS5, which are sold out at retail and are going for outrageous prices on eBay and Amazon.

The Arachnoplates will ship on Oct. 20 for the disc and discless versions of the PS5, costing $64.98 each to pre-order (Dbrand notes this just so happens to be one penny cheaper than Sony’s option). In addition to the covers, have the option of buying an adhesive middle skin for $19.95 to disguise the PS5’s glossy middle with this Spider-Man-esque design. You can also purchase red lightstrips, which are semi-translucent strips that can be applied over the stock LEDs for $9.95 to complete the look.

It wouldn’t be a proper Dbrand launch if its landing page didn’t have some extremely petty copy lobbed in Sony’s direction. This one says:

The [POPULAR VIDEO GAME CONSOLE] maker [MEGACORP] failed to produce enough stock of their [LICENSED VIDEO GAME] side panels.

Thanks for dropping the ball, you [SERIES OF EXPLETIVES].


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