Criterion Games Shifts Gears: A Battlefield Focus and the Future of Need for Speed

Gamersadmin September 21, 2023

Criterion Games, known for their iconic “Need for Speed” series, has announced a significant shift in their development focus. While the high-octane world of illegal street racing has been their home for years, the studio is now primarily setting its sights on the “Battlefield” franchise. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind Criterion Games’ decision to pivot towards “Battlefield” and what this means for fans of both franchises.

A Legacy in Racing

For decades, Criterion Games has been synonymous with the racing genre, thanks to their successful “Need for Speed” titles. Known for their thrilling car chases, breakneck speeds, and intense police pursuits, these games carved out a niche for themselves in the gaming world. Criterion’s expertise in crafting immersive driving experiences made them a respected player in the industry.

However, over the years, the racing game market has evolved, with changing player preferences and a greater demand for immersive, open-world experiences. Criterion Games recognized the need to adapt and find new avenues for their creativity.

The Opportunity in Battlefield

Criterion Games’ shift towards the “Battlefield” franchise comes as part of a larger strategy within Electronic Arts (EA), the parent company of both studios. “Battlefield” is known for its expansive multiplayer warfare experiences, destructible environments, and attention to detail in military combat scenarios. Criterion’s expertise in creating immersive gameplay mechanics and polished experiences makes them a natural fit to collaborate on the “Battlefield” series.

With “Battlefield” embracing more diverse and dynamic gameplay elements in recent iterations, Criterion Games’ involvement could bring fresh perspectives and innovation to the franchise. Their expertise in developing engaging and cinematic experiences may also enhance the single-player aspects of future “Battlefield” titles.

The Future of Need for Speed

Fans of the “Need for Speed” series might be wondering about the fate of their beloved franchise. While Criterion Games is shifting its focus to “Battlefield,” EA has affirmed its commitment to the racing genre. The development of “Need for Speed” games will continue, but with a different studio at the helm. This opens up possibilities for new directions and innovation within the “Need for Speed” series.

It’s worth noting that Criterion Games isn’t severing its ties with the racing genre entirely. They will continue to support the development of racing games but from a different vantage point, potentially offering a fresh perspective on the genre they’ve been known for.


Criterion Games’ decision to primarily focus on the “Battlefield” franchise marks a significant shift in their development direction. While it may come as a surprise to fans of their racing titles, it’s a strategic move that aligns with the evolving landscape of the gaming industry. As they bring their expertise in immersive gameplay to the “Battlefield” series, it will be interesting to see how their influence shapes the future of this iconic military shooter franchise. For fans of “Need for Speed,” the road ahead may take a different turn, but it promises new opportunities for innovation and excitement in the world of racing games.


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