Can’t wait to play Sonic Superstars? One of the best Sonic games just got better – and it’s free

Gamersadmin September 7, 2023

Good news for those hungry for more Sonic the Hedgehog in their lives – Sonic Superstars, the next official release in the series, is only weeks away. But for those with a level of impatience that’d make the blue blur proud, another option exists to wile away these last remaining weeks.

That option isn’t even official – as is often the case for many of the best things going for the Sonic series. I’m talking about Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit, which I’ve written about on VG247 before – but this excellent fan game now has a newly updated release that adds new content and makes it available for more platforms.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Triple Trouble 16-Bit, it’s essentially a remake of the 1994 Game Gear title of the same name – but reimagined as if it were crafted for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive as a direct sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Largely the creation of one supremely talented Sonic fan, Triple Trouble 16-Bit is genuinely brilliant. Previously on VG247, I described it as a worthy successor to Sonic Mania – and I meant it. It’s an authentic-feeling, lovingly created remake of one of Sonic’s most interesting and underrated spin-offs, but rebooted with the spirit and style of Sonic’s 2D golden age.

If you’re slightly put off by the 3D aesthetic of Sonic Superstars, or are worried that slightly different physics and gimmicked-up gameplay might dent the classic Sonic loop – Triple Trouble 16-Bit will give you a fix of that which you most desire.

This fan-game was pretty great anyway, but this month it’s gotten a little better. First of all, the game is now playable on not just PC, but also Android and MacOS. As an unofficial and unlicensed game it of course remains free, and can be grabbed for all platforms with a simple 100-meg download.

In addition to the new platforms, even the PC version has expanded some, however. You can now have unlimited lives and replace it with a ‘coins’ system that mirrors Sonic Origins, there’s additional language options, and new Super forms for all playable characters, albeit only in the game’s Free Play mode.


Plus, the biggest addition is actually a whole new character – Amy Rose. Only officially playable in 2D for the first time in the recent Sonic Origins, Amy is now also available in Triple Trouble’s Free Play Mode. Players can even select from 3 different versions of Amy with different move sets – that in the official titles of Sonic Origins and Sonic Superstars, plus the move set from the fan-made remake Sonic 3 A.I.R. – which is honestly better than the version in Sonic Origins, ‘cos the Sonic fan game scene keeps winning.Anyway – for a 2D Sonic fix, Triple Trouble 16-Bit was always a must-play – and now it became a little bit more so. Go grab it, if you haven’t already.


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