Build An Xbox 360 That Won’t “Brick” With This Mega Set

Gamersadmin September 8, 2023

The Xbox 360 is easily one of the best-looking consoles of all time, and if you’ve been wanting to add one to your personal museum that you had an actual hand in putting together, then this new release from Mega will meet those very specific requirements. Priced at $150 and releasing on October 8, this replica of the Xbox 360 doesn’t just look like a low-poly version of the Xbox successor, it also comes with a few great extras that you’ll physically build into it. At this time, the set is only available to preorder at Target, but we’d expect preorders at other retailers to open soon–just keep in mind this could very well sell out.


A 3:4 scale build consisting of 1,342 pieces, this buildable Xbox 360 replica comes with the console and controller, working lights (hopefully there’s no Red Ring of Death on this), a removable hard drive, a Halo 3 game disc, and a game case. You can even take the side shell panels off and to reveal the inner workings of this replica, which Mega says can be interacted with. You may even find some Easter Eggs.

While Lego is still the undisputed king of building blocks, Mega’s own line of building kits has cemented itself as a strong alternative. Quality has increased, the blocks have become sturdier, and the collaborations have become more imaginative. Like Lego, these replicas always have a uniquely blocky aesthetic, but Mega does place a priority on making the actual building experience fun as you work your way toward the end result.

As you’d expect, this kit is also fully compatible with Mega’s line of blocks, so if you have a box of them, you can attach them to the finished Xbox 360 and create something truly unique. Or nightmarish, the choice is yours.

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