Bloodborne Unveiled: The Imminent Arrival of the PC Version Ignites Excitement

Gamersadmin May 22, 2023

Unveiling the Elusive: Evidence Points to a Fully Playable Version of a Lost Bloodborne PC Build

Bloodborne, the critically acclaimed action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2015, has long been a favorite among gamers. With its haunting atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and intricate lore, Bloodborne has garnered a passionate following over the years. However, rumors of a lost PC build of the game have persisted, leaving fans intrigued and eager for more information. Recent developments and compelling evidence suggest the existence of a fully playable version of Bloodborne for PC, reigniting hope and excitement within the gaming community.

The Mysterious Origins:
The rumors surrounding a potential PC version of Bloodborne began shortly after the game’s initial release. Speculation intensified as reports emerged of leaked screenshots and gameplay footage, suggesting the existence of a PC port. However, FromSoftware and Sony Interactive Entertainment remained tight-lipped, neither confirming nor denying the existence of such a build. Fans were left wondering if the elusive PC version was merely a product of wishful thinking or if there was any substance behind the rumors.

The Leaked Development Build:
In early 2023, a significant breakthrough occurred when an anonymous source leaked a playable build of Bloodborne for PC. The leaked footage showcased the game running smoothly on a PC platform, complete with improved graphics, higher frame rates, and customizable settings. This development build contained numerous differences from the original PlayStation 4 version, including enhanced textures, improved lighting effects, and even some unreleased content. The leaked footage spread like wildfire across gaming communities, providing the tantalizing prospect of an official PC release.

Analysis and Verification:
The leaked development build sparked extensive analysis and verification efforts by tech enthusiasts and gaming journalists alike. Experts scrutinized the footage, meticulously comparing it to the original PS4 version to determine its authenticity. Initial findings, including the presence of debug menus and other development-specific features, strongly suggest that the leaked build is genuine. These discoveries have further solidified the belief that a fully playable version of Bloodborne for PC does exist.

Official Confirmation and Future Prospects:
While no official statement has been released by FromSoftware or Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding the leaked PC build, industry insiders and reliable sources have hinted at the possibility of an upcoming PC release. Several renowned gaming journalists have confirmed that the development build is legitimate, adding fuel to the speculation. If the rumors hold true, it would mark a significant departure from the game’s initial exclusivity and bring Bloodborne’s macabre world to a new audience of PC gamers.

Implications for the Gaming Community:
The potential PC release of Bloodborne carries far-reaching implications for both fans and the gaming industry as a whole. It would allow a broader player base to experience the game’s awe-inspiring environments, relentless combat, and captivating narrative. Furthermore, the arrival of Bloodborne on PC could spark renewed interest in the game, potentially leading to an increase in sales and revitalizing the fan community. Additionally, it could serve as a precedent for future collaborations between FromSoftware and other platforms, opening the doors to more multi-platform releases.

While the existence of a fully playable PC build of Bloodborne was once shrouded in uncertainty and speculation, recent evidence has provided substantial support for its existence. The leaked development build has not only excited fans but also initiated discussions about the potential release of Bloodborne on PC. As enthusiasts eagerly await official confirmation from the developers, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this elusive version of Bloodborne continue to grow. The future looks promising for PC gamers who yearn to explore the dark and mysterious world of Bloodborne in all its glory.


Since the initial leak of the Bloodborne PC build, further developments have occurred, adding credibility to the existence of an official PC release. Several notable industry insiders have shared additional information, suggesting that an announcement regarding the PC version may be imminent.

Reports indicate that FromSoftware and Sony Interactive Entertainment have been working collaboratively to bring Bloodborne to the PC platform. While specific details regarding the release date and additional features remain unknown, the fact that these two entities are involved in the project has generated significant excitement among fans.

One possible reason for the delayed release of the PC version could be the developers’ desire to optimize the game for a broader range of hardware configurations. Adapting a game initially designed for a single platform to work seamlessly on various PC setups can be a complex undertaking. It is likely that FromSoftware and Sony Interactive Entertainment are investing time and effort to ensure that the PC version offers an optimal experience for players.

The potential release of Bloodborne on PC carries substantial implications for both the game itself and the gaming industry as a whole. By expanding to the PC platform, Bloodborne would reach an even larger audience, potentially introducing new players to the rich and immersive world crafted by FromSoftware. This increased exposure could reignite interest in the game, leading to a resurgence in the fanbase and potentially paving the way for future installments or related content.

Furthermore, the arrival of Bloodborne on PC may inspire other developers and publishers to reconsider platform exclusivity. While exclusives have traditionally been used to drive hardware sales, the success of previous PlayStation exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding on PC has shown that multi-platform releases can be beneficial for all parties involved. The collaboration between FromSoftware and Sony Interactive Entertainment for a PC release of Bloodborne could serve as a groundbreaking example of bridging the gap between consoles and PC.

As fans eagerly await an official announcement, the leaked PC build and subsequent developments have reignited the fervor surrounding Bloodborne. The prospect of experiencing the game’s eerie atmosphere, facing challenging encounters, and uncovering its hidden secrets on the PC platform has captivated players around the world.

In conclusion, while the existence of a fully playable version of Bloodborne on PC was once confined to rumors and speculation, recent evidence, industry insider insights, and continued developments suggest that an official PC release may be on the horizon. The leaked PC build has only served to intensify anticipation among fans, who eagerly await an official announcement from FromSoftware and Sony Interactive Entertainment. As the gaming community holds its breath, the realization of a Bloodborne PC release appears to be within reach, promising an exciting new chapter for one of the most beloved games of recent years.


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