Blizzard launches Overwatch 2’s new single-player Hero Mastery mode

Gamersadmin September 8, 2023

Overwatch 2 players now have no one but themselves to blame when things go south in a game… at least in the hero shooter’s new single-player mode, Hero Mastery. The new mode, which launches Thursday, is part of a free update to the game that presents players with “an action-packed course filled with training bots, obstacles, and jump pads as you race for the finish line,” Blizzard says.

Hero Mastery is a high-score-focused mode where players test their skills as Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer (Sojourn and Winston are coming later this season) while battling training bots and collecting emblems, all in the fastest time possible.

Overwatch 2 players already have access to a simplified practice range where they can try out abilities against mostly passive bots. The training bots in Hero Mastery sound a little tougher: There are Tank Bots with high HP and barriers; Rocket Bots that shoot projectiles that inflict burst damage; and Sniper Bots, which attack from long range. Players will even have to escort friendly training bots in some scenarios. In addition to avoiding and defeating bots, players will need to collect emblems to boost their scores.

While Overwatch 2’s roster now boasts 38 playable characters, only three of them are available to play in Hero Mastery at launch. That may be because each hero playable in Hero Mastery has three character-specific courses, with increasing difficulty. Blizzard plans to roll out more during future seasons, including season 6, which runs through mid-October.

Hero Mastery mode launches with a limited-time event that runs through Sept. 25. Completing a series of challenges will reward players with a weapon charm, souvenir, spray, and title. Players will also be able to compete on leaderboards, which will track the top 500 players in each region.

Overwatch 2’s Hero Master mode is available on all platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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